-   ABOUT US  -

Solkiki are one of the few bean-to-bar makers in Europe.

We exceed the (already very high) artisan quality standards.

Rarer still, we trade ethically, organically and directly as possible.

We began our craft adventures in chocolate making in 2007 when we were looking for good bars of dark and dairy-free, vegan, white chocolate.  Unable to find any - we decided to start experimenting.   We already had a life long love affair with flavour in general, handicraft by nature and chocolate in particular, but got really passionate about chocolate when we found out about fine-flavoured artisan chocolate made from special cacao beans and heard the first reviews from our early repeat customers.  These beans have depth and nuance that are not found in bulk chocolate. Just a few years into the dark chocolate revolution we let our passion flow to handcrafting milk, dark and unroasted chocolate for everyone to enjoy.  Omni, vegan, lactose-intolerant, raw, free-from, gluten-free, diabetic, veggie... we think in chocolate we can all unite. Quality, taste, health, sustainability and compassion can co-exist!




















Not only do we want to create the finest quality chocolate, we want every step to be ethical for people, economy, community, animals and environment. Buying fine-flavoured chocolate helps support the local communities and farmers that grow the cocoa beans and will preserve the natural rainforests and very special cocoa trees that produce unique tasting cocoa beans. We pay well over fair trade prices and keep the chain as short as possible to insure the money goes where it needs to go, so future generations can keep enjoying this very special chocolate.


Passionate about making a tastier, more ethical and equal world, we are dedicated to handcrafting uncompromised, outstanding chocolate for everyone to enjoy.  Our chocolate ingredients are very carefully selected, hand sorted, roasted, hand tempered, hand poured and hand wrapped. We are obsessive about flavour, we think the best way to have a positive impact on the world is by choosing what you eat. 


Our aim: make exceptional chocolate for everyone.  Our purpose: improve the lives of those around us and leave the world a better place.  We believe the mission of Solkiki is to not only reward our talented farmers properly - they're worth it, right(?!) - but  to work ethically, to avoid exploitation and to evolve recipes and business techniques beyond the traditional to embrace a more aware and civilized World.  No planets, people or animals will be harmed during the making of our chocolate.


Solkiki is a vegan owned and operated, family micro-business with lofty ambitions based in Sunny Dorset, UK.  

We want to make the finest and tastiest chocolate for everyone to enjoy leaving behind only a trail of positivity and generating as many smiles around us as we can.   Enjoy our chocolate!