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Silver for Europe - ICA - 2021-22


The cacao and the base chocolate we created in this chocolate won:

2012 Peruvian Gold Cacao

2012 World Gold – Best Cacao Source


The Chililique 62 base chocolate is recognised:

Great Taste Gold

Bronze International Chocolate Awards 2017, European Plain Bar Competition (Category milk chocolate bars)




Our award winning 62% dark milk chocolate, smoked with Olive Wood. Flavours are deep and enveloping.  Olivewood adds a sweetly savoury dimension to the delicious base chocolate.  Must be tasted to be believed.



Allergen information: contains no nuts, dairy, wheat, gluten, or soy (nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free). Made in a facility that uses nuts and soy. Vegan friendly.

Each bar is 56gr/ 2oz.

Smoked Olive Wood 62 - dark milk

  • Organic Gran Nativo Blanco Cacao bean, organic cold-pressed cacao butter, organic cane sugar, organic coconut, Maldon sea salt, 

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